Blow moulding with chilled compressed air

The BMB Blow Moulding Booster is a compact and ligth-weight cooling unit for special applitactions (e.g. blowing with small thin-walled bottles).

BMB operating principle:

The system supplies cool air of 3 °C [37,5 °F] to a blow moulding machine in order to speed up the internal cooling of the product during the blowing process. It is used in conjunction with tailor-made blow pins that allow recirculation of the blow air and special valves that control the blowing. Blow valve blocks are used to control the blowing process.

Advantages of the BMB-System:

  • Very compact units
  • Easy installation performed by customer
  • Low investment costs
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • Production increase up to 15 %
  • Quick return on investment (15 - 30 days)
  • No spare parts inventory necessary
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for nearly all blow moulding machines
  • Simple blow pins design
  • CFC - free system